Warranty and legal advice

Warranties etc.

Our cleaning warranty works the following way, if the estate is a tenancy it will be inspected by a caretaker and if it is an cooperative apartment or a house the new owners and you will do the inspection. The cleaning staff will aslo attend the inspection which means that if anyone has comments on the cleanliness, it then will be addressed directly, this way both parties along with Vsst can leave the house being satisfied.

We also have a liability insurance up to 1 million kronor if an accident should occur.
Otherwise, we have the consumer services act as a benchmark when we work.

Legal Advice

For telephone advice, wills, inheritance disputes mm ring LLB Gosta Fromm
Tel 031-93 84 84

For your legal quartz (toll-free) call Family Lawyer. Ann-Christin Hjärpe Olsson
Tel 031-85 98 98